Gamers In Need

As the game industry ages, our iconic game designers are aging with it. Increasingly, they are turning to crowdfunding campaigns to fund their medical costs. Although gaming hasn’t always been a lucrative field for designers, it’s clear that even our most experienced designers aren’t making enough to manage a medical crisis. As part of CAR-PGA’s mission to help gamers in the community, we have gathered a list of crowdfunding pages for gamers and causes. These pages were chosen based on individual need and projects that further education and development of tabletop role-playing games. We do not post startups or other funding requests.

Please note: We do not thoroughly vet these causes and assume all are posted in good faith — they can also be removed by the board or Chair if at any time we deem a funding effort in conflict with CAR-PGA’s values and mission. Priority is given to members of the CAR-PGA. Individuals are listed by last name in alphabetical order.


RPG Creators Relief Fund

The CAR-PGA recommends any gamer in need connect with the RPG Creators Relief Fund (RCRF), Inc. before launching a crowdfunding effort. The RCRF is a charitable organization founded to provide financial assistance to tabletop roleplaying game creators suffering hardship due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations. To apply for assistance, please fill out this form.

CAR-PGA: Zucchi, Lou

Early  was this morning a fire broke out on Lou Zocchi’s property  and while no one was hurt, the fire did destroy the garage. The garage was home to Lou’s business and contained boxes of unpunched and out of print games, dice, game magazines and a lifetime of notes and records from Gamescience. Lou makes his living visiting conventions where he sells games and dice. Lou has always been a friend and supporter to me and is a legend in the gaming community.  Lou is the creator of Gamescience dice and the designer/publisher of a ton of games. He has worn many hats in his career and it’s my hope this setback isn’t the end of it. 

Ward, Jim

One of Gary Gygax’s original players in what would eventually become Dungeons & Dragons, James M. Ward was a creative force at TSR from its infancy through its 80’s heyday. He co-authored “Deities and Demigods” and “Pool of Radiance,” as well as penning “Greyhawk Adventures” and many other influential works from TSR. For several years, health problems have been an issue, but Jim never let it beat him down, continuing to write and work, even as diabetes necessitated  the amputation of a foot. At this point in time, Jim’s medical bills have risen to an enormous level. It’s time for fans in the RPG community to step up and show our appreciation for this man and all the fun that his lifetime of work have brought us. Any donation is appreciated, large or small, to help wipe out this Grognard’s medical debt.

Whipple, R.A.

Richard Whipple is a life-long Canadian tabletop gamer who lives in Poland. Richard has a 6 year old daughter, Wysoka, as well as a Polish wife, Aneta. The family has no resources and needs to move back to Canada because of Richard’s failing health due to diabetes as well as to provide a better life for Wysoka, who was hospitalized a year ago for malnutrition due to the family’s poor living situation. Richard’s former business colleagues, people who have sent clothes and food to his family for years, have raised the funds for his return this Spring. They are unable to furnish his apartment with the basics. He and his daughter need your help to do that. We are asking for financial contributions from generous donors to pay for these things.


CAR-PGA: The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

Can you help make this vision of the ideal Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer a reality? Trying to build to build the ideal Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer. Will accommodate up to 6 people in wheelchairs for Therapeutic Recreation, Music & Recreation Therapy, Drum Circles, and Role-Playing Games.

Extra Life

Extra Life unites gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $50 million USD for sick and injured kids. In that regard Extra Life works a lot like walk-a-thons and other fundraising activities in that the fundraiser commits to play games of their choosing on a particular day (a 24 hour span), and then they select which hospital they would like to support. Wizards of the Coast regularly supports Extra Life by releasing products on DMs Guild with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Extra Life.

Humble Bundle

Since Humble’s first bundle in 2010, raising money for charity has been at our core. Everything we sell, from bundles to Store games to our Humble Choice subscription, gives a share to charity. We feature a different charity sitewide every month. By focusing our community’s efforts on one cause at a time, we can work together to make an even bigger impact for each one.

Middle Schoolers Starting An RPG Club

Our local middle school is starting their own RPG club and currently the only materials they have is my very limited collection. I’m looking to raise some funds to get the kids new books, some dice, and other bits to enhance their experience. I really want to help get this club off the ground for the kids, and we need your help. Please help us by donating to make this happen for the kids. We really appreciate anything that you can offer.

Rochester Academy Charter School RPG Club

I am looking for donors to help fund the first Role Playing Game Club at the Rochester Academy Charter School. The mission of the Rochester Academy Charter School (RACS) is to provide students with rigorous, challenging academics through hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities that will provide them with the skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.