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Joining CAR-PGa

To join CAR-PGa, all you have to do is send the membership form to the Chair; there are no joining fees. To remain a member you need to "pay your dues," but these are not necessarily monetary dues; all that we ask is that you do something—anything—for the cause. This can be as simple as keeping yourself informed by subscribing to the Newsletter or as complex as doing scientific research on role-playing games and getting it published. If you go an entire year without doing anything, you will be dropped from the membership. For more information about membership and how we operate, see the Members' Manual.

You may also want to sign up for the CAR-PGa Newsletter or e-mail list.

The information on the membership form is confidential and only for finding talent, facilities, and demographic information. While the members' names and contact information, including mailing addresses, are usually available to other members, exceptions have been made; please contact the Chair if you have any questions or concerns.